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Commercial properties as well as residential homes more often than not depend on trees for their aesthetic value. Trees also make the atmosphere cleaner as they take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They still need to be well taken care of and properly maintained by a tree surgeon in Sheffield. Failure to do this may result in unprecedented havoc that no one desires. A tree surgeon, as the name suggests, will see to it that the trees are in good condition.

With many years of experience, our tree surgery experts in Sheffield offers exceptional high standard of services in Sheffield and many other areas across the country. Our well trained team of arborists will provide specialised removal and care services for your trees.

We go beyond the norm of doing the most convenient and simplest tasks that may be shoddy at times. Before making up their mind on what to do regarding any new project, our specialised tree surgeons in Sheffield analyse the situation with your trees extensively. Your desires as our client are not shoved aside during this period either. Every option is considered with your best interests in mind. A lot of clients are usually of the opinion that all that will be necessary may just be chopping, removing, cutting or felling the trees in question. This isn't always the case.

Our team takes pride in the fact that they take on all new projects with an arborist's mindset. Unlike regular tree surgeons, arborists are well equipped with scientific knowledge and expertise on trees. They offer better services due to their vast knowledge of tree ecosystems as well as their anatomy. With this they can clearly and objectively interrogate a problem and figure out long term and short term remedies that can be considered.

Here is a summary of the tree surgery Sheffield services that you can receive from our well able staff.



Tree Removal

Trees can cause obstructions on driveways or may be diseased and this may cause harm to different other property around your place. Tree removal is an option that one can consider in such a case. The procedure requires high level expertise and machinery to successfully go through. A tree surgeon in Sheffield is always on hand when called upon to take care of this.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges serve as protection around our homes. When they are well trimmed they make the place beautiful and it can be a joy to hang around them. This service is normally executed on the overgrown hedges. When performed on a regular basis, the hedges will not lose their shape and you can always maintain them at a preferred height. In any case no one desires to have an unkempt yard full of overgrowth.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be harmful especially to kids who may not be aware of the danger that they pose. They mostly come about when a tree is cut down. This service will get them out of the way and ensure that your yard is kept safe. Our Sheffield tree surgery services will ensure that the hole left behind after the service is adequately filled.

Tree Reductions

The name of the service may be misleading. The service is not for reducing the number of trees. This procedure takes care of the lower shoots of a tree. The tree surgeons will work carefully on the tree's height and keep it at a set standard. The tree will be beter placed to age naturally when this service is completed.

Stump Grinding

If you are on a budget then this will serve as a viable alternative to stump removal. All of our tree surgeons in Sheffield use advanced machinery to ensure that the stump is at ground level. This adequately takes care of the threat that they may pose. With time the roots that remain underground will naturally rot. You can make good use of the wood chips as mulch.

Tree pruning

Pruning is mostly associated with agricultural crops to enhance their productivity. Trees can also be pruned and this provides more aesthetic value. Dead branches that affect the well being of a tree are removed during this procedure that can also be used for unwanted branches. Your trees will thrive and offer you the benefits that you had initially intended to get when you planted them.

Tree Maintenance

Just like any other part of your property, trees will lose their vitality if they are not well maintained. Our tree surgeons in Sheffield create regular schedules for fertilisation and treatment of your trees depending on the species in question. Your trees will grow healthily and will adequately serve their purpose.

Tree Felling

If you are hoping to create some room around your compound for a project, then this service will suit you well. Trees can be felled just to clear the area or to get wood for different purposes within your home.

Tree Pollarding

This service is also used to maintain the height of a tree. It serves well for trees in a row as a specific height can be maintained thus creating an admirable sight.

Crown Reduction

This is another pruning method where live branches are removed to control the spread and height of the tree crown. The surroundings of the tree will be well maintained in the process.

Tree Shaping

Pruning can also be done to bring your tree to a desired shape. Similar to normal pruning, tree shaping needs to be done regularly. It is most suitable for flowering plants as the flower's quality will be greatly improved. Our tree surgeons will efficiently work on your trees and ensure that branches do not protrude to unchartered territory.

Crown Thinning

The crown requires adequate light and air to freely travel through it. Our tree surgery experts remove small branches from the outer crown. The tree's size and shape will remain intact after the procedure. All it does is to maintain the density of the foliage.

The Main Benefits Of Using A Professional Tree Surgeon

A regular tree cutter may offer less expensive services but in the long run you may end up spending a fortune as you'll have to keep going back for more reinforcement on their work. Well trained tree surgeons on the other hand may feel costly but will offer you good value for your money. Let's look at the many other benefits that they offer.

Safety and Emergency services

Fallen branches can pose a threat and may also cause extensive damage especially after a storm. In some cases they fall on electric lines. Once on site, tree surgeons can map out a plan to remove any dangerously lying branches. They will offer guidance on where to prune particular areas of the trees or remove the whole tree all together. As far as the electric lines are concerned, they can easily link up with the power providers in your area to ensure safety for you and your property.


Clearing Space and Land

Disputes have been sparked by overlying branches on people's fences. Obstructions on the other hand especially from tree stumps may stall a project that you have in mind. A professional tree surgeon will be handy in helping you take care of such situations. Obstructions may be pruned, stumps removed or entire trees cut down. All these in an effort to create enough space in your yard.

Professional tree surgeons have vast experience and knowledge

Given that they are better trusted to take care of tree issues they offer a rich wealth of experience. This is helpful when making a choice on what to do in different circumstances. They can keep you from making hasty decisions that may solve a problem but have harmful long term effects. Over the years they develop a keen eye that can clearly define a problem from its root cause and provide a lasting solution.

As we have seen earlier, arborists are well versed with the anatomy of different tree species as well as the ecosystems in which they thrive in. This coupled with the advanced technology that they employ ensures that their services are top notch. They will clearly explain to you why a particular procedure is necessary and its possible effects on the tree. Rather than just getting work done to impress you, they look out for the well being of a tree as they offer their services.

Healthcare of trees

Apart from maintaining the aesthetic value of trees, our professional tree surgeons in Sheffield are also keen on the well being of trees. Insects and pests can cause damage to trees and also predispose them to a number of diseases. This will inevitably increase the maintenance costs while at the same time pose danger to the surrounding environment.

Rather than allowing this to happen, professional tree surgeons will use preventive measures to ensure that the trees remain intact. Periodic aeration of roots, safety assessments, fertilisation and customised spray programs are all undertaken to make this possible. With this in place your trees will last longer and you won't have to spend a fortune on their maintenance.

The Cost Of Tree Surgery In Sheffield

A host of factors determine the costs that you will incur when seeking tree surgery services in Sheffield. Labour costs for example will be largely influenced by the prevailing weather conditions. The number of trees that you need to be taken care of will also influence the cost.

The type of equipment is also a determining factor. Some may need to be hired while others may even be found in your yard hence reducing the cost. This not withstanding, tree surgery Sheffield always aims to provide you with affordable and competitive prices.

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